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had u/s today (10 wk.)

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It's definitely not a blighted ovum, that's for sure.
Singleton, thank goodness. I was paranoid. LOL. I almost puked when I saw the actual baby on the screen. Up until now I sort of had myself convinced the pregnancy wasn't real, was a blighted ovum, etc..

I'm still pretty freaked out that this is actually happening, and we only have 30 weeks left to prepare ds for the impending arrival of a sibling.

So anyway, everything's fine, babe measuring right on target, etc..
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I'm so glad to hear it!! What a big fat relief. I hope you will be able to enjoy your pregnancy in peace now.
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thats fantastic news!! im so happy. and i hear you on the freaking out on 30 weeks left. it seems so soon!
Yay! great news! Man, it does seem like its going fast already...
I'm glad. I know you were worrying
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Hope I get the same good news in a few weeks.
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Glad to hear it

Isn't it a strange feeling, though? I looked at that little screen and was just like "wow."
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So glad for the news.
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That's wonderful, enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!!
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