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Okay, it's 1:15AM and I can't wait for the KP preview anymore and am going to bed after this; Liam is sleeping
: ... even went to sleep on his own, and he never does that! But I was just looking at another diaper forum, and someone had posted the link to the KP auciton. She couldn't believe anyone would pay that much for one cover and snap-in, and all I could think was "you don't know the hyenas at MDC!"
I mean, I could never afford spending that much money on a cover either, but I was telling my out-of-town cousin about it on the phone (she doesn't even know the extent of my obsession) and you know what she said to me? "But you'd buy it if you had the money!" and I couldn't answer her. Hehe. Seriously, that is the most beautiful cover I've ever seen and I would do just about anything for it! I can only dream.
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