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OK- So I work for a non-profit community agency and have been very happy with my job, but in recent months, well really the last year, things have slid pretty badly. We have a new boss who is mostly absent, lost a lot of funding, etc. I am very unhappy with my co-workers, the morale of the office, etc. I am ready to get out and have started looking. It's a long complicated story and too much detail could give away who I am IRL and I am not ready for that professionally right now, but it looks like I might have an opportunity to move WITH my primary program to another agency.

My problem is how to handle the negotiations, basically saying to this other agency that I will come with my program to them. It's something that I started, volunteering most of my time, and have now lost funding for. It's a great opportunity, but I have to figure out the logistics of having this conversation. My current boss is aware that they are interested in the taking the program over, but not that I would go with it if they do. We've (me and the person from the other agency) have talked around me leaving with phrases like, "we are interested in funding opportunities that would keep you as the coordinator" and "you are clearly the most qualified person for this position, how can we help you stay in your job?"

How do I say, "This boat is sinking and I want the [email protected] off before I go down with it! PLEASE hire me!" when I have been working with this company through my current job. It's not PC to just poach employees, nor is it for me to just offer up myself on a platter. But with the current economy and the state of my current office, I am not going to walk away from the chance to do what I really want AND get paid for it AND work for an agency that can keep me in a job. Help me negotiate this and manifest myself into this great opportunity!
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