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Originally Posted by Bella Babe View Post
I have been drooling over the website, but I am a tad worried. I have heard about bad shipping, colors not what they seemed, inconsistant dye lots, weight problems (??? that one might not have happened, I may just have read that about knitpicks)

Should I buy or not? I love the colors, love the prices, but I don't want a headache! That's what knitting is for, right?
: jk, knitting ~usually~ is relaxing.....
i would and will still buy from them.. ive had some probelms but i feel like they have made an effort to fix anything that they can. i think that the lack of cmmunication that i experienced was due to mariana being sick, which she later apologised for and i cant really blame her for..)

they seem dedicated to making things right and i think that their yarn is beautiful, even if it is a bit of a surprise when it comes and what is inside
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