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hands in the way! pulling off! HELP!

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help! one of my twins (8w adjusted age) always has his little hands near his mouth, around my nipple, pinching my breast, while nursing! it's really frustrating, especially since it's already hard for him to nurse contentedly b/c of my low supply. what the heck do i do? it's especially bad when trying to get him latched on, with AND without the lact-aid. do i really have to swaddle? i just dont want to resort to one more thing, you know? i just can't seem to catch that sneaky lower arm under my supporting arm.

ADDITIONALLY, he's also pulling back w/my nipple in his mouth & popping off a lot - ouch! what are your strategies? how do i help him settle down & nurse more calmly? maybe i'm not giving enough supplement up front???

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Hmmm, swaddling was my first thought. Also try using the "second neck" hold.

Do this by gently placing your hand behind your baby's ears and neck with your thumb and index finger behind each ear. Your baby's neck rests in the web between the thumb, index finger and palm of your hand, forming a "second neck" for baby. The palm of your hand is placed between his shoulder blades.
I don't know enough about your situation with low supply, but yes, it does sound like frustration on his part. If you're working with your IBCLC, you probably just need to keep working it, but I really feel for your frustration. I had forgotten how crazed my son acted at the breats when I was struggling with low supply, but it will get better as you increase the milk your baby's getting. It's so hard, but also so worth it. HTH.
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