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Handwashing diapers

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My washer is tearing up my clothes and diapers, My prefolds are only 16 months old and getting holes and tears. My fitteds look worn out after a few months. I am about to start washing by hand. I use FB and microterry inserts. I am wondering if this will be sanitary. She has mostly solid poops that just roll off. I plan on having 3 wetbags. One for the inserts, one for the poopy FB and one for the wet FB, and do three separate washings. One for each bag.

I will use Allens naturally dissolved in the sink, swish, scrub and rinse really well.

Will this work?
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I handwashed all my diapers for about a year - I rinsed all messy diapers first, soaked in Tide and water in the bathtub for an hour or so, then went at them all with a plunger, scrubbed anything that needed scrubbing, drained and rinsed, rinsed, rinsed.

And then cleaned the tub !

My ONLY complaint about that is how much residue I had when I did get a washing machine - it took at least 5 full cycles with no detergent (wash & rinse) to get all the suds to stop coming ! That was *my* fault though, not the fault of hand-washing.
Since I do have a washer handy maybe I'll wash them inthe washer once every third time or something. I just don't want my diapers to all fall apart before she potty trains. I still have at least another year to go.
It's time consuming, but not difficult at all.

I did find that wringing them out was hard on my hands and arms though - and quite often managed to convince DH to do that part - played up to his "big stong man" image !
I hate doing dishes I don't think I am cut out for hand of luck...
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