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Hanging indoor plants - where to find cool hangers?

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Anyone know where I can find neat hangers for indoor plants? I'm kinda tired of the macrame kind.
: I was thinking hangers made out of some kind of nice chain would look neat, or beaded ones, or something...

I googled it but mostly found outdoor plant hangers and macrame. I need something to keep plants out of the hands of my little "curious george."

Please give me your suggestions! TIA!!
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I don't know where you can buy cool indoor hangers, but how about making your own? I saw a very cool segment on a gardening show recently where a guy too a rotting log and hollowed out the center, then drilled holes and strung wire through it to use as a hanging basket. The basket itself was so cool that no ornamentation was needed for the hanger; actually, it neded a very simple, plain wire hanger so as need to compete with the beauty of the basket!
Hmm, sounds neat but I'm going to bump up for more ideas...
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i use hanging three tier metal friut baskets

with pots ot lines with reants of old wool sweaters
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