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Hanging out here, just in case ...

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Hi everyone,

I've been on MDC for about a month, mainly posting in the Dec 05 club. But I realized that with my due date being the 29th and first babies usually coming late, I'm really likely to be a very early January 06 delivery.

So, I hope you don't mind if I post in here and get to know you all, too.
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You are very welcome here! My due date is now the 27th. it was the 28th, then the 29th, but the U/S has the (for now) final word! I can add you to the "We're Due" list, if you would like
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Im kinda hanging in both places too, im technically due Dec 30th by my calculations but im hoping to make it into Jan.
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Well of course I'm thrilled you're in here!
Thanks everyone! (especially you, Polkadots

Emily, I'd be grateful if you would add me to that "we're due" list. Heh. I love "belonging"!
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Adding both Beachcomber and Aubin right now

Welcome mamas!
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