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*Pending* 110 lot $16ppd
longsleeve striped boxy tee, french blue sweats, talbots cords 5y

SOLD 100 lot A $22ppd
three longsleeve polo shirts, comfy cords tan, tumbleweed cords blue 4y

*Pending* 100 lot B $42ppd
striped mockneck, longsleeve striped boxy tees, shortsleeve striped boxy tees, red & navy sweats, 3 shorts, navy survivor jacket *a few stains: red sweatpants, sleeve, french blue shorts (see second pic)*

*Pending* 90 lot $22ppd
shortsleeve boxy tees, grey sweats, navy shorts, survivor jacket *light spot on one tee*
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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