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Happy Birthday Old Friend!

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Havoc officially turned 12 today.
12 yrs ago, at 11:15 PM I was drying him off while the vet worked to save his mom. Of a litter of 13 only 3 survived. His mom made it and lived to be 12.5 before dying of cancer.
He was already sold...he wasn't supposed to come to me...but those people in Phili never came up with the rest of the money, so at almost 12 weeks old he came home to me, where he was obviously meant to be. Honestly, at 12 weeks he was the UGLIEST pup I'd ever seen
But now, he's a handsome, majestic beast, his shiny black coat glistens even at 12. He can still outrun his much younger daughter...unless she turns...he's not good at turning!

So Havoc, thank you for being my constant friend and partner.
Thank you for that goofy look you give me when you want your bum scratched.
Thank you for making me laugh when you run full speed.
Thank you for your 8 yrs of service as a seach and rescue dog--12 yrs ago you saved my life, and then you went on to do it for so many others.
Thank you for making me look like a kick ass dog trainer.
Thank you for protecting the weak and kicking but with the bullies.
Thank you for letting me know that Steve was the one.
Thank you for your constant protection and unconditional love--even when I wasn't so nice.
Thank you for always being there when my hand mindlessly reaches out to pet you, be it in the truck or on the couch.
Thank you for loving Molly at a level only you are capable of.
Thank you for being YOU!

My friend, my partner, my constant companion. I love you baby boy
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What a wonderful post......
Happy birhtday Havoc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope he (and you) has an awesome day.
You always make me tear up with your posts about Havoc, the connection between you two is so evident in the way speak about him.
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What a wonderful post... it brought tears to my eyes!

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Happy Belated B-day Havoc.
: I swear everytime I read your post about Havoc, I cry. I do not mean a tear here or there. I am crying. You & Havoc and so lucky to have each other.
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paws up!

Originally Posted by AdinaL
Happy Birthday Havoc!

YOu got some pics of the birthday boy?
This is what I was thinking. I sure would like to see a pic of Mr. Havoc. I am sure he is very handsome.

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I'll upload a couple to my yahoo files today....I have dialup though so be patient!!
Ok, I finally did it!!!!
Added pics of the beasties to my yahoo album (they were all on dh's computer)
So, here are my furbabies!!!!!!!!!

Let me know if that link works!!!
Cool! What lovely dogs - and was that an actual photo of Molly at the picnic table, too?

I love the ones of Scout and Havoc....

yep, Molly and me!
Havoc loves that cat, hard to believe he used to hate cats!
Nice pictures. Is Havoc all black? It's a bit hard to tell in the pictures. What handsome GSDs. Nice to see good dogs. I have a neighbor who breeds American GSD's and they look crippled. It's horrible. They are so over angulated that they look about to collapse in the rear just as they save themselves by taking another step. How anyone can call that sound is beyond me.

Happy belated birthday boy!
Yes, he's a solid black and Bedlam is a black sable, I think there's one pic of Tunza too as a pup, she was a red sable.
I hate a sloping back on shepherds, it's not proper and they are completely unable to do the job they were intended for--definitely a case of the show ring ruining a breed, basically the show shepherds and working shepherds are 2 completely different breeds now.
That was so sweeeet Shannon! Its so nice to know there are other people passionate about their furry friends!

Still havent made a decision about the dog training course.....but a friend of mine who works for Canine Companions offered to give me a puppy and free dog another option.
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