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happy due date to me!

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well i have reached my due date, for what its worth.

this huge shameful stash of newborn fitteds and preemie prefolds are looking tinier and tinier while kassi puts on the ounces in there.

what will i do!?

and i am feeling a little down, since i was really hopeful for last night (new moon) and obviously it didnt happen. if theres something out there that i loved, i might make a pick me up purchase. what do you suggest?

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I REALLY love my Toot Sweet wool and fitteds. You ever tried it?

Seriously, though, congrats on being a healthy mama providing a warm gentle environment for your little girl. Well nourished mamas make it to their due dates, you know! (Hope that made you feel a little better.)
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Hey mama!
I was just thinking about you~~wondering if you had your babe in your arms yet.......

HUGS to you!! Hope it's soon....I know how those last few days feel
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You might still have sometime to buy some more fluff! I was 8 days late
Yuck! My ds was born 9lbs 12oz though(doc swore ds wouldn't be over 7lbs 12oz). So maybe you should wait
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Oh those silly babies, they just have no interest in due dates! She will come when she is ready. I can say this from experience since Willa was 17 !!!!!!!!! days late! But, even at 17 days late, she was still small enough for newborns. Sadly, we had no tootsweet newborns when she was born, only kissaluvs. I think I will go ttc now just so I can try those supersoft newborn diapers.

Sending good labor vibes your way.
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You know, I've read that babies usually come out because they aren't getting enough food inside of you. So Kassi(I LOVE the name BTW) is probably still getting everything she need, despite your likely discomfort. Kesi was 3 days late, that's not so bad right. Hopefully you can stay cool in these last few pregnant days.
:LOL she is definitely well nourished ! she has also been gaining about a lb a week for the last 3 weeks. (by pure manual estimation)

i am about 3 cm and mostly effaced, please wish me birthy vibes. i am ready to see this baby.

sooo what should i buy!!? hmmmmmm? a special due-date diaper/ cover/something?
I don't have the link, but I'd suggest buying one of those keepsake diapers that do the baby's name and birthdate and maybe height and weight embroidered on it. If I think of the site, I'll post a link. I want one for Zach (who was also "late"...14 days...heck, so were his brothers...Some women just gestate longer
). Hang in there and Happy shopping!!
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: OOOOOHH! I can't wait until you have a birth to announce! What is the first diaper your baby will wear?!
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i have 2 fitteds designated as 'birth diapers' or, the first diapers she will wear. they are identical. here is a picture. i made these first with kassi in mind
( i hope it is ok to post that picture, these really are the exact fitteds she will wear)

i also have a 'birth soaker' which will be her first cover. here it is!

thanks for sharing my joy! ill have to look into the special diapers. i guess id have to know her birthdate first.... maybe if i order one for today she'll be born today.
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Oh, those are soo sweet! Kassi will be just lovely in those! YAY! I really really love the born at home fitteds. I didn't know about them when my babe was that size though. Wish I would have! I LOVE your work!

So, I'd love to recommend a pick me up purchase to you, but I'm afraid you do such good work, you wouldn't be happy with the quality or the fibers of the dipe. Uh... I could tell you that I really think this is a cool print at Happy Tushies though. I think it would make a GREAT wonderbag.Pattern
How about a cute little sugarplumbaby fitted? We have a small and it fits DD great. Like it was made for her.

But, I guess if you make your own cute diapers that is sort of silly.
I am here wishing you birthy vibes and a happy babymoon. I hope you and Tristan and Karl are feeling well and I can't wait to hear about Kassi's birth and see pictures of her in that adorable diaper and beautiful soaker.
***sending birthing vibes your way***

I've been thinking about you and wondering what was happening!! Try not to get too impatient now (I know it's very hard). If you need something to keep your mind off things you should maybe make some nice diapers to stock..... :LOL

Stuff to love and try - let's see... have you tried anything from Crystal yet?
She usually has a good selection - and some super cute girly prints. She's a total sweetheart to work with too.

Also I think Divine Coverings is stocking today - she's got very cute stuff:

I think Tykie Diapers still has a bunch in stock too:

Good luck - can't wait to see pics of your little sweetie soon!!!

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not kidding, no mistake either. She just did not want to come outta there. LOL! I am glad too because when she did make her appearance she was fast and easy.

Then there is Alek who came on his due date and was slower then a poke getting out. Argh!

I have some small fuzzibunz in my store that are so cute, I know you do not like pul or fleece so I cannot recommend those to you but gosh they are so tiny and cute.

I hope your labor goes very smoothly.
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thanks for all the great wishes and ideas.

does anyone know where to buy hand knitted wool doublers? i have never tried these. i saw some raw silk liners at green mountain diapers but i figure if i want those i could make them. however, i dont knit, so doublers would be a treat!

that is such a cute print for a wet bag! (i think that is what the fabric would be for, no?) we *just* went and bought wet bags at the surplus store. and a diaper bag i settled for, since we just cant afford my true love diaperbag.

its all about getting thru the days, passing time until kassi comes. the chances of her being born are greater every day- i wont be going past 42 weeks (homebirth law) so i expect her sometime here soon!
I got my doublers at sugarbums, last time I looked they were instock.
I can sympathize with being overdue. Ds was 3 days late, after a failed induction even. (I had high bp, water retention, beginnings of toxemia.) Then he came out (in less than 4 hours!) just minutes before we were supposed to be at the hospital for induction #2. He just needed a deadline from my ob.

I second the keepsake diaper with the baby's stats on it.
That would be so cute in a box hanging on the wall in a few years.

Sending healthy labor vibes...
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