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Happy Father's Day Mom

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Yesterday Gemma's dad picked her up for the day. Normally when she visits him it is a 650 mile roundtrip (EOW). She was tickled when she got to come back to our house last night. She enjoys her time with him but not being so far away for so long. She's 2.5. Apparently while they were together yesterday, his wife explained to Gemma what Father's Day was.

Last night after we read our book and I turned off the light, I said "I love you Gemma" and turned over. She said "I love you mom" and turned over. Then we were both sitting there in the dark for a few minutes….I could tell she was still awake.

Then very quietly, she said "Happy Father's Day, mom"…..
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I wished my Mum a happy father's day and my friend wished me a happy father's day. Let's face it , Single Mums. We are both. Whether they see them every so often or not. We are their world. We rock!!
now I am crying...that so sweet. oh my gosh it must be hormones..i can't stop blubbering.....*sigh* happy fathers day to all of us...

What a beautiful sentiment. You are very lucky mama - you have a lovely little daughter with a kind and giving heart.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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