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Happy First Birthday April 'o5 Babes!!!!

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Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, We love you!
Happy Birthday, and may all your dreams come true.
When you blow out the candle, one remains aglow,
that's the one within your heart wherever you go.

A year ago our sweet babes were born!
Best of birthday blessings to all the sweet babes born in April '05!
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Happy Birth Month To our April Babes and Mamas!


I'm cutting & pasting Susan's great birthday list here for us!
Sophie (lalaland42) 4/1
Noah (mightymama) 4/3
James (Betsy) 4/3
Tenzin (ullabulla) 4/4
"raspberry boy" (karmamamma) 4/4
Laia (wombatclay) 4/5
Andrew (aezmama) 4/6
Ananda-Tierra (esk8partist) 4/7
Jayme (heket) 4/8
James (lissybug) 4/8
Zane (zaner'smama) 4/12
Julie (speedknitter) 4/14
Adam (Khadijah) 4/20
Evan (Liawbh) 4/20
Antonio (Lact-o-mama)4/22
Angelina (01veganmamma) 4/22
Zoyya (FreeRange Mama) 4/22
Byron (vanessagreene) 4/25
Avena's DD 4/28
DangerMouse (cardinal) 4/30

Happy April, Mamas...We've made it!
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Happy bday Sophie!!!!!
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Happy 1st Birthday..... Sophie...

Mama's @ 2pm I can say I was in labor............... Not active labor but early labor....
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Yay April babies! Happy birthday Sophie and LaLaLand!

Laia's grandparents will be arriving in about 20 minutes, and we've got some "UnBirthday" party decorations up. Nothing fancy, but a "party" streamer and some silly hats/silly paper plates from the dollar store.

And Mike has been in the kitchen for a few hours...we've got 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies (whole wheat flour makes them nutritious, right?), a dozen "special" shortbread cookies for some of our friends (no wheat, no dairy, no eggs, no soy, no nuts), 4 dozen spice cookies (with ginger and cinnamon and nutmeg and much good yummy), and a few plates of fruit ready for dunking in melted chocolate. Oh, and 2 dozen homemade vanilla cupcakes with home made chocolate frosting (we left some frosting plain ol' vanilla so people can frost their own cupcakes). Overall not very healthy, but hey, it's a party!

I'll let you know how it goes.

Yay for spring and babies and parties and sunny days!
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Wow-I didn't expect some reminders of last year would hit me so hard...or so early. I've been channel surfing and found a re-run of Pope John Paul II's funeral mass on one of the religious channels. It was a touching service to me being a Polish Catholic, but it's also a reminder of the hardest 3 hours of my life-when Andrew stopped breathing in my arms and was rushed to NICU. From 3-6am on 4/9/05, I never cried and prayed so much in my entire life and I don't think I ever will. I've been uber-weepy the last few days, and I guess it must be those feelings & fears bubbling back up to the surface again. It's funny-I don't think I would have figured out why (aside from the big b-day) I've been so weepy if my neighbor hadn't called-she too is Polish and she remembered that Andrew's birthday coincides with the death of the Pope.

You are all some wise, crafty and smart mamas-do you think that there is something I can do to start to "delete" it from the forefront of my memory? I know it is always going to be with me, but I just don't want it to affect me like this.
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Sophie (lalaland42) 4/1!!!!!!!!! here's to you & your mama!!!!

Love to all our babes and esp. you AEZMama
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: Yay, it's their month!!! Happy Birthday little 1 year olds!!
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OMG, today this time last year, I remember sending Jack to work, telling him I"ll call him when labor gets worse. At 10:00am, active labor kicked in. I remember calling him and said be home at 12:00pm. We left for the hospital at 3:00pm. I arrived at the hospital at 3:45 sad as I was only 4cm, but 100% effaced..

My beautiful boy was born at 9:53 am on 4/3/05. He was 9lbs 6 1/2 oz. I labored naturally for 23 1/2 hrs, pushed for 3 hrs and since he had a brow malposition I had a c/s. I am crying now thinking of how I felt as soon as he was born. I'm remembering that little cry, and how happy I was that he had good pink color. I remember telling Jack it was okay to get up and look at him. I remember telling him to talk to him, as he knows his voice. I remember seeing Jack holding Noah in the recovery room and immediately putting him on my chest to nurse.

Wow what an incredible year. I love my boy so much!!!!! There is no greater joy than to be his mother...

I love you Noah Gerard Quinn
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Originally Posted by mighty-mama
Wow what an incredible year. I love my boy so much!!!!! There is no greater joy than to be his mother...
Oh, Mighty-mama, you're making me all teary.
There is certainly nothing more amazing than motherhood. What a year!!

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Heyla mamas!

So, the party went really really well! Laia had a great time and more importantly (well, importantly for me anyway) the whole thing was pretty much stress free! We wound up with 15 people and 4 kids under the age of three. The cookies and cupcakes Mike made were very yummy (especially the spice cookies) and even the "free of just about everything vegan cookies" were good.

Laia loooooved the wooden xylaphone and she got a ton of books. Plus a little tiny baby doll that she carried around for most of the day. She was absolutely smitten with that doll...she was kissing it and even nursing it throughout the party, and she wound up sleeping with it as well!

I've posted some pictures on Laia's website at so take a look if you've got a moment.

I know she isn't "really" one till the 5th, but I look at her and see "toddler" now.
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Originally Posted by wombatclay
I've posted some pictures on Laia's website at so take a look if you've got a moment.
wombatclay - What a cutie patootie she is! Zane and I both enjoyed your pictures and reading Laia's b-day story.
The water in the pan looked like great fun too. Think we'll have to steal your idea.
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HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY TO NOAH (& his Mighty Mama Jess!)

Hope you enjoy a Yankee filled day on this Opening Day of Baseball!

Wombat-great pictures! You guys look like you have such a fun time in your family! And I'm jealous of all of Laia's books! She gets bigger and cuter in all the pictures.

I'm still unsure of what we'll do for the big day. I still have my heart set on the butterfly gardens. If not, maybe the beach or if dh can get some tickets-a baseball game!
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Happy first birthday Noah! And hurrah for Mighty-Mama! You are one amazing mama...I am just in awe over your strength and good spirits.

Wishing you both a year of health, happiness, and joy! Hugs and bugs and hoola hoops!
to my boy Noah....

I can't believe he's a toddler now. We already did cake. Didn't have it in me to bake one, but luckily he really didn't care less. He was so cute, he took his time eating it, he didn't even shove it in his face.

We're yet to do our very last nursing session. I thought ending our breastfeeding relationship on his birthday would maybe bring a smile. I'm so sad. I know it's corny, but I"m going to have Jack videotape it. So I can remember it always.

thanks for the birthday wishes.....
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And this is for all our April Babes:
On the Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier

On the eve of your birth word of your coming passed from animal to animal.

The reindeer told the Arctic terns, who told the humpback whales, who told the Pacific salmon, who told the monarch butterflies, who told the green turtles, who told the European eel, who told the busy garden warblers, and the marvelous news migrated worldwide.

While you waited in darkness, tiny knees curled to chin, the Earth and her creatures with the Sun and the Moon all moved in their places, each ready to greet you the very first moment of the very first day you arrived.

On the day you were born the round planet Earth turned toward your morning sky, whirling past darkness, spinning the night into light.

On the day you were born gravity's strong pull held you to the Earth
with a promise that you would never float away...

...while in deep space the burning Sun sent up towering flames, lighting your sky from dawn until dusk.

On the day you were born the quiet Moon glowed and offered to bring
a full, bright face, each month, to your windowsill...

...while high above the North Pole, Polaris, the glittering North Star, stood still, shining silver light into your night sky.

On the day you were born the Moon pulled on the ocean below, and, wave by wave, a rising tide washed the beaches clean for your footprints...

...while far out at sea clouds swelled with water drops, sailed to shore on a wind, and rained you a welcome across the Earth's green lands.

On the day you were born a forest of tall trees collected the Sun's light
in their leaves, where, in silent mystery, they made oxygen for you to breathe...

...while close to your skin and as high as the sky, air rushed in and blew about, invisibly protecting you and all living things on Earth.

On the day you were born the Earth turned, the Moon pulled, the Sun flared, and, then, with a push, you slipped out of the dark quiet where suddenly you could hear...a cirlce of people singing with voices familiar and clear.

"Welcome to the spinning world," the people sang, as they washed your new, tiny hands.

"Welcome to the green Earth," the people sang, as they wrapped your wet, slippery body.

And as they held you close they whispered into your open, curving ear,
"We are so glad you've come!"

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Happy birthday little Tenzin and raspberry boy! Happy mama day Ulla and Karma!

It struck me this morning...this time last year I was in labor. Wow. It's amazing how time moves along it's path!

hugs mamas and newly/almost ones
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAIA & her Wombatclay Mama!!

Happy Belated to Razzberry Boy & his Karmamamma...sorry I forgot you yesterday!

On this day last year, dh and I were house (well, townhouse/condo) hunting and it was VERY warm...or at least my pregnant body thought so. The last straw was in the mid afternoon, dh wanted me to climb 3 flights of stairs to look at a condo...which I of course refused to do. All I wanted to do is go home, put on my swimsuit and sit in the pool to feel light and bouyant again. Little back pains turned to big back pains and in the pool my water broke. I started laboring inconsistently around 6pm and throughout the night. The only spot that felt comfortable to me was
the toilet!
That cool porcelain on my back was heaven. After a night of erratic laboring, at 7am sharp my contractions were steady and STRONG! I went into the hospital for a labor check at 10:15am and was shown to my L&D room since I was already 7 cm and almost 100% effaced. Once in the room, the results of my GBS test I took a few days earlier showed that I was positive, they gave me antibiotics and a little somethin' special to help me rest for about an hour. When I woke, my little monkey was ready to make his debut in the world. DH would excitedly tell me how much of his head he could see (and how much hair) with each push, and proudly proclaimed at 12:57pm on April 6, 2005 that "It's a boy-I see his pee pee!" and Andrew Esteban was here to stay! He had a beautiful, faint little cry and I just wept with joy. Dh just held him, talking to him telling him about his life while I finally got a little sleep.

My heart has been overflowing with love and joy ever since.

I am so happy to have my son, and to share this special gift with all of you mamas. You have made this year all the more special, too!
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Happy birthday laia and noah and rasberry boy and tenzin!
Its so neat to hear your memories of last year!
Wombat- great pics of Laia's party! I can't believe how big she is!

It is finally getting warm enough up here for Byron to wear short sleeves! He is so excited to be able to play on the grass. We are going to do a weiner roast at the lake next weekend.
Sorry....not much time to post!

Love from Vanessa and Byron

: belated to Tenzin and "raspberry boy"

: to Laia..... Welcome to toddlerhood!!
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