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happy gay pride!!

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i know some of you have probably already had your celebrations, or are yet to...ours is this weekend, and i just wanted to say HAPPY GAY PRIDE

thank you for making this world a better place

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We went to the fist ever San Francisco Tranny march last night with dd, and tonight went to the **** march, oh my, tens of thousands of *****, it was amazing. DD got lots of love for her t-shirt which says "potential queer"

Happy pride alla ya queer parents!
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Our Pride celebration isn't until Fall because it's too ding dang hot here. Glad to be a part of such a beautiful group of people.
our Pride here was VERY, VERY special. in fact, a homeless man commented to me on how this year's Pride seemed bigger than usual. he said something about how the worse things are, the more people feel the need to come together. i feel very blessed to have been a part of something so great. good things are coming, keep the faith
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(I personally think these are the ultimate Pride smilies)

we missed TO pride this year
but are determined to go next year. Eagerly looking fwd to Ottawa pride which is a bit more low-key but fun, too!
great to hear about all your fun celebrations!

(easier to celebrate here in Canada too since we've kept the conservatives at bay a little longer!)
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Thanks, and Happy Gay Pride to you as well!

It was the 25th anniversary of St. Louis PrideFest. It was PACKED! We had a great time. Next year I'm wearing tennis shoes though. I thought my sandals were comfy enough.........until we ended up wandering around for 5+ hours and I got blisters.

Sadie, where did you get your dd's t-shirt? I would sooooooooo put one of those on ds. (dd already told me she likes boys........ROFL)
Ours was on June 12th and it was sooo nice. There were so many newly married couples and so many babies!!!! Boston is great when it comes to pride!
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