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My ds (3 y.o.) is pretty well potty independent around the house, but not reliably able to communicate about potty stuff while we're out and about and as far as I can tell, no where near ready for overnight stuff.<br><br>
We've been using disposable diapers at night and for running errands, and after the last 2.5 years of using prefolds and wool, I really don't like buying and throwing away all those diapers. I ordered one of the bigger sized HH pocket diaper/trainer things, tried it once overnight (with a huge cotton velour diaper that should have been enough to soak up just about anything ds could throw at it, plus some) and it leaked. Mostly, the leak was in the front where the diaper that I used to stuff it kind of crept down away from the waist band.<br><br>
I was so excited to find an alternative to sposies, but it just failed so miserably that I haven't tried it again. Did I do something wrong? I haven't ever used a pocket before, so maybe there is some kind of Very Important Thing that I don't know about?<br><br>
Any troubleshooting help or suggestions of other things to try?<br><br>
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