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Happy Spring Dready Goddesses!!!!

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Hey dready mamas!!!!!!!!!
I thought I'd start the April thread!
I am SOOOO excited for spring to start! It's been warm here the past few days! Here's to bare feet and less clothes!!!
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Welcome back Spring!!!

Im getting more knotty by the day, and loving it! Lots of dreads to dress up and make pretty!!
Im am having a problem with dry scalp, i know tea tree oil works, but I dont know how to go about using it, any ideas?
Also, what are your ladies fav. shampoos? I want to get a good one that is easy on my scalp!!
I can't wait to see your locks, girl!
I used to use Dr Bronner's, but that left so much residue. When I was in the process of locking up, I used Dial Aloe bar soap. It works at locking your hair up really fast.
Now a days, I use Knotty Boy's Bar shampoo. It's really nice.
For the itchies, we use teas. I got some as gifts from knotty boy, but now I just make my own.
Here's the itchy tea:
Nettle, lemon balm, lemon grass, comfrey.
Use equal parts of the herbs. Put into single serve tea bags. When making, lightly squeeze the bag and then pour 1 cup boiling water over top. Allow to cool to room temp and then pour or spray over locks and scalp.
Also, a good homemade itchy soothing 'poo is this:
Take a pot of boiling water and shave some bar soap into it (dial is nice, esp with aloe). Add peppermint leaves,lavender and 15 drops tea tree oil. Allow to boil for a few minutes, stirring the whole time and then turn off heat. Let it cool and stir it every now and then pout into a bottle and use!
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I am so happy Spring is here! And so excited for the extra sunlight at night! We have just been in hibernation with the baby. Meadow is 7 weeks now! I can't believe it. I am in a loving relationship with my dreads.
You mamas know how it day you love them the next day you want to rip them out! I cut my first dreads weeks after ds was born, so i am doing great this time. I am wearing them down so much more because i am staying at home. When i don't have to tie them back every day and i can actually spend the time putting some love into them, they are a lot nicer.
It must be the change in the season, cause it is happening again... So many people around me are letting go and cutting theirs off. It always happens in multiples. I guess there comes a time when you have to let that energy go and start over...still, it always makes me so sad.

celebrate spring, plant seeds and sing songs!
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OOH, I'm a dready goddess mama! Can I join? I'm Sabrina!

For itchies, what I do is mix a few drips of tea tree and peppermint in some water and put it in a spray bottle and spray my head/scalp! Feels/smells good.

Happy spring mamas!
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subbin' up...
happy spring, mamas!
this has been the snowiest march in almost forever up here in the the land of the lake of the sky...16 feet of fluffy white powpow in march alone. i love snow, but am getting antsy for flip-flops, for sure.
need to sew in my 8 inch long wispies before i get too frustrated and decide to go bald...
welcome to the new mamas on the thread
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just gettin in on the new thread. my baby dreads are rockin. I just LOVE them. use the knotty boy stuff and love it. but i will want to fins something i camn make on my own when it runs out. we have decided to move and i am sure i am going to be the only dready mamma for a 100 mile radius. glas to have you all here.
Still waiting to find somebody to help me get my dread babies born.

It got too hot, too fast here. Went from 35ish to 80 overnight. I like the warm weather but wanted to spend some time in the 60s ya know?
Soulshinemama- I am movin to Fort Collins in 2007, June probably. My boy is movin in December. We should talk! Do you know of any homebirth midwives out there?
Mommybear- Why not try letting your hair go naturally for a little to start them out. Just stop brushing, use a soap like dial bar soap, and when knots form, seperate and roll. Knottyboy has a good dread starter kit too if you feel like you'd like that dealy:

So any of you crochet or knit? I want a headband type thing for my natty head, but don't want to spend fitty dollars. Would any of you make me one? I'd pay.
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No go on that. I already bought the DreadHeadHQ kit and I'll be darned if I let that money go to waste. Plus I'm kind of a nut for small dreads all the same size (or at least close to it).
Hello Sisters~
It has been raining like crazy here, keeping my locks wrapped up. Ahhhh spring.
For shampoo I use burt's bee's bar shampoo and for itchies I use sandalwood scented jojoba oil, smells yummy. I like the smell of tea tree, but I feel I am one of the only ones who can stand the smell. It is pretty medicinal.

Liz~ I will crochet you a headband! Let's get started on this trade.
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Hey mamas happy spring
I'm sooooo happy it is here

Soulshinemama..............What an awesome surprise today when I went to my mailbox there was a gift from you! The stitches totally fit and the pillow sham matches my couch great I love it thanks mama you rock! I bet you are just lovin' on little Meadow all the time
7 weeks wow time fly's ! Haile's almost 4 months now seems like just yesterday I was preggo

Lizzo........ I'm glad your lovin' the midwife thing so much!
Welcome to all the new mamas on the thread.
more later gotta go.........................Kids going
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Lizzo...That rocks! We have been here for almost 2 years and we have friends but not too many of them are mamas. It is hard when your the only ones with kiddos! Can't wait, we will have to meet for sure! Let me know if you need any help finding a place or whatever when the time comes. just let me know what i can do to help. My midwife delivered only at the hospital, but i know Ft. Collins has ones that do homebirths. Let me know if you want a list or numbers.
NattylockedMama...i am so glad you like it! Happy they fit!
Welcome all you new dreadie mamas!
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yeah, it's spring. You know what that means around here, NO MORE EXTENSIONS!

Yep, it's been 8 months or so & I'm finally pulling them out to dread up my regular hair. I'm so excited to have short hair & dreads at the same time. While I love the DE's there is no way I could survive a hot summer with all this heavy hair on my back. It's spring & Im ready to lighten up!

oh for itchies, I have a spray bottle with witch hazel & peppermint EO. I also sometimes take a little aloe vera gel that I use on my face & rub that on the itchy spots on my scalp. So soothing.

OH NLM, a bunch of the gals from WI are heading down the the Discovery Center in RFD on the 21st. We're meeting at 10 when they open. If we get a group of 10 kids we can get a group rate of $3 a person. PM me if you'd like to add your clan to the count. It'd be great to meet IRL!

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Hi mama's

Well... it's spring for most of you but we are going into Autumn here in south africa

I was just wondering if there are other mama's here who are not using wax or other products on their dreads? I used beeswax on my second sets and none for my first and current dreads. I must say that I MUCH prefer to have NO wax in my hair!! Just wondering if anyone else thought so too
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Hey mamas....I'm back and the comb is away again!!!

Cut my dreads off cuz I was to wrapped up in hair for my comfort (no pun intended
) but miss them and feel better about letting the hair go.

I have pretty short hair now, so we'll see how that goes
May take awhile, but that's fine!

Glad to see all you ladies enjoying spring. I've been enjoying not working for the winter but starting to get antsy to start again!

And post some of those babies pictures - NLM has it really been 4 months?????
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Choleblack...........I would love to meet up with ya
I have to talk to dh and check the schedule but I will pm ya as soon as I know for sure. I had no Idea we were so close. My dh and his band are puttin on another reggae show April 22nd you should come down this time!
Raven...........I have never use anything in my locks I can't stand wax!!!!!!!
treefolk.........I would love to post some more pics but I can't find my digital camera
We are starting to think someone may have snagged it
I hope not but I have looked everywhere for it

HairyArmPits...............Are you out there mama??????????????
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Me too

much peace all-
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Originally Posted by love2all
Me too

much peace all-


2nd that again and the dreads, well cutting them as well.

Thank you.
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