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Happy Story

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I posted this in the getting started bf forum, but meant to post it here. Oh well, I guess it fits both pretty well:

Today I was downtown at our farmers market and naturally, my 8 week old nursed alot in the 4 hours we were there. My 5 y/o was playing in a fountain we have here on our waterfront and I sat in the shade nursing the baby. A friend I haven't seen in a year showed up with her two kids. Her son was born the same day as my son and they played in the water while we sat in the shade. Her almost 3 y/o daughter stayed with us in the shade. I knew she bfed both her kids, but I was so pleased when the nearly 3y/o looked at my daughter nursing then tugged on her moms shirt and said "booby, booby". I said "Is she still nursing?!" Yep, she gave her daughter the booby!

It was so nice to sit at a busy waterfront farmers market (about 150-200 people) and nurse our babies! My friend sadly, made a few comments like "if she can ask for it she really should be done" In case she was saying it because she didn't know what I would think of it I told her I thought she was doing a wonderful thing for her daughter. I believe she agrees otherwise she wouldn't still be doing it Either way, I felt so encouraged and simply elated to have both of us bfing in public and we recieved only the occasinal smile from others.

Just wanted to share a positive bfing story with you all!
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I'm so glad she had you to encourage her. You just may have given her the support she needs to continue nursing!
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Awesome! That sounds like a really positive experience for both of you - well, for all four of you, really!
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