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Hard Night, Bad day

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It is amaizing how much a good nights sleep/or the lack of will play a part in how I am feeling with the kids, life, ppd issues, etc. DS woke up every hour last night to nurse (and that was while sleeping with me) so I have about 3 hours of sleep in me total. The mom of the little boy that I watch during the day needs to work late and having him go early (Friday's are usually his early day) was one of the few things brightening my day. Huge fight with DH this morning, suggested that he take his paycheck and do some things that would definately get the thread pulled. All of this is NOT like me. I have started on my natural hormones again, but they have not kicked in yet from what I can tell. That is normal, it usually takes more than a few days. We saved enough to go to San Antonio this weeked, which should be really nice. I haven't been out of the house for more than a few hours since Christmas. Sorry to vent, I just needed to get that off my chest.
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sleep can make SUCH a big difference.

i hope you have a wonderful time in san antonio!
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Good for you t get out....wish we had the resources to do the same...
Know how you feel about getting enough sleep..
i was awake just crying last night, sometimes it's the only time i have to cry..
good for you to have the will power and energy to watch another little one,wish i had enough n me to do the same, but i think i would go even more crazy!!!!! it would help a little w/ the finances!'blessings to you and enjoy getting out...
Sleep is so critical, it's amazing.

San Antonio is a fantastic city. I hope you have a great break with your family.
Sleep is so important. I have been going to sleep around 10pm for the last week or so and feel so much better during the day. I don't drag or feel like i need a nap. Its hard to say if its the sleep or the fact that we've had more sunshine, maybe a combo of them both. Maybe think about not watching that child, so that when you have a bad night, you and your baby can sleep during the day.
Thanks so much for the kindd words ladies. We got back home several hours ago and had a great weekend. It was EXACTLY what I needed to get away from the house and chores and have a weekend away. The kids were great and so was dh. I feel much better and more rested despite a very active weekend. San Antonio was great, I can't believe in the 2 years that we have been here, we haven't been and it's only a 3 hours drive. I told dh that I want to save up again just to have even 1 night away every few months. We stayed at a dive way up the river, but man I would have slept in the truck if we had to
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