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Hard Uterus Constantly

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My uterus has been hard for most of the day and last night (I got no sleep at all). It hurts pretty bad too. Is this normal for the end of pregnancy? I have never had so much pain before. I have tried baths and showers (at 3 this morning). Is there anything else I can do?
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You know, with you being due in April, I might just suggest a call to your care provider. The constantly-hard thing doesn't worry me a lot, but the fact you're in enough pain to keep you from sleeping kind of does. I can't put my finger on an idea of what might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's not normal. I'd think it worth a call to check.

In the meantime, my standard cure-all for wierd pregnancy symptoms is drink a big glass of water and go lay down!
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Originally Posted by faeriewisp
maybe you're in labor

Kind of my thought, too, but I didn't want to say it. I know how near-term mommies can be when you dangle that carrot in front of them.
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Would my uterus be hard all the time? I can't even tell the difference between contractions, it feels like they never start or stop. I am due this Sunday and have been having bloody show all week long so I would love to be in labor!
Bloody show is a pretty sure sign of labor. It's the blood vessels (sp? it looks wrong) in your cervix popping as it dialiates.
Yeah, it can be that way sometimes. I was just reading a thread somewhere around here where a couple of mamas reported early contractions just all blurring together - no noticeable start/stop times, just "oh, it's here again".

Good luck!

be prepared, you may have a very fast birth
I hope everyone is right. I am so uncomfortable, I just want this all over with!
I bet you're just having that long slow pre-labor thing that means the baby will come soon. But this could go on for another week before active labor sets in. I would just try to relax, go for walks, take long baths, etc. Try to accept it as part of your labor and your process of giving birth, rather than a problem or bother or that you're waiting for it to be over.
Hope that made sense.
how's your hydration? Labor ofr not, you should be slamming fluids :)
I had one labor where I got this horrible cramp and a tightening that did not let up. I tried everything and nothing would help. I finally went to the hospital just to get some kind of relief, not because I thought I was in labor. I got all hooked up to the machines and, sure enough, I was actually having contrations. I had no idea. I had my baby about 4 hours after I showed up.
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