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Hardest week of my life

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Hi all.. I have not been posting much I don't have a computer at home but from now on I will.. I am posting here today to vent some. My grandma just died this past Sat she was 101!(May 5 1905) I feel so bad I did not get to say my good byes I live 3,000mils away my family is in south fl and I live in Montana.I found out about her death Sunday afternoon and was on a plane on my way to FL 1 hr later I have not been eating or sleeping much I have a 14 month old that wants to nurse all the time.. Gosh I feel so drained this is so hard for me no one close to me in the family has ever passed away it seems so unreal to me that she did with a 101 yr her memory was perfect she walked with no help cooked, cleaned did everything for herself till 5 months ago that she broke her hip. I hope you can all keep her in your prayer she was a wonderful women that touched the lives of many.

Thanks for reading
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That is so rough. I am really sorry about your grandmother. Be gentle with yourself and just let the feelings roll. I have experienced a lot of death in my life and I find that just allowing the feelings (good and bad) really help.
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s, to you!

I just lost my Gram who was 95... she was very special to me(named dd after her)... and I, too, was far away & didn't get to say goodbye, tho the rest of the family was with her. It was very hard to deal with.

I bet she was an amazing woman to live that long, very strong in spirit. Take the time to grieve as well as celebrate her incredible life. It really helped me to talk with my family about her as much as possible.

I'm so sorry that you've got so much at once... your dd may be picking up on your stress & wanting the comfort of nursing... but that doesn't make it any less draining!
s & peace to you & your family!
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She sounds like a beautiful person! WOW! 101...what a wonderful life I bet she had! I agree with pp's...Be gentle with yourself.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. She sounds like an incredible woman. I agree with the others that you should be as gentle with yourself as you can. I'll be thinking of you.
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I just wanted to say also that I'm really sorry for your loss. I remember when DS was 14MO, still nursing (like a champ!) and I remember it being a VERY needy time for him (Not sure if there's chlid psych developmental data to back that up, just my experience).

I'm sorry and I will pray you find peace, closure, and comfort in the coming weeks and that your DD will be especially sweet and enjoyable to you!
Thanks guys. she was awsome I had to go over to her house and cleane out her stuff and pick up all her pics.. and it made me feel so much better going thur the pics. she lived a LONG life. long and happy
Oh, I am so sorry for your family's loss. I know it's hard, but please do all you can to take care of yourself in these next days and weeks. It sounds like great therapy to go through pictures and her stuff. I am sure you have so many sweet memories of her. I will be thinking of you as you celebrate her life.
Sorry for your loss, how sad and odd to deal with death as you are facing a new life. I'm glad it was good to go to her home and get her pics and stuff.

BTW, I also have a 14 month old - he doesn't nurse that much during the day, just about 7 times per night.

I hope you are doing ok this week!

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