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Well, I just realized a big over-sight on my part...I have been doing all this 'research' on cloth diapers and wool soakers, but I haven't come across any in depth information on:

-the different ways to store DIRTY diapers...a pail perhaps, well what kind? do you line it with cloth, plastic bags, nothing? where do you store your pail/bucket/bag/etc?

-the ways in which to pretreat diapers, or do you find that your detergent is sufficient? do you toilet dunk the diapers(i know of this through my mother) or what other/better options are there?

-do you separate pee and poop diapers?
-how often do you wash them?
-how many dipes do you generic please
cause i know each woman oftentimes has multitudes of different kinds
-what do you wash them with?

sorry for so many questions, but once i start i keep thinking of more and more questions to ask. thank you ladies for all your support in my never-ending questions throughout these forums...I appreciate every answer!
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