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Originally Posted by NeKisha
Well, I just realized a big over-sight on my part...I have been doing all this 'research' on cloth diapers and wool soakers, but I haven't come across any in depth information on:

-the different ways to store DIRTY diapers...a pail perhaps, well what kind? do you line it with cloth, plastic bags, nothing? where do you store your pail/bucket/bag/etc?

-the ways in which to pretreat diapers, or do you find that your detergent is sufficient? do you toilet dunk the diapers(i know of this through my mother) or what other/better options are there?

-do you separate pee and poop diapers?
-how often do you wash them?
-how many dipes do you generic please
cause i know each woman oftentimes has multitudes of different kinds
-what do you wash them with?

sorry for so many questions, but once i start i keep thinking of more and more questions to ask. thank you ladies for all your support in my never-ending questions throughout these forums...I appreciate every answer!

There are actually a lot of sites with different information on washing/storing as many styles as there are diaper style preferences - my caveat is that the following is only my own research/experience (and is copyrighted by me):

Washing instructions:

Wash on hot cycle with minimal detergent (3 to 4 tbsp of powdered detergent for a full load) (cold rinse first for bad accidents ~ for an AWESOME accident rinsing system, use the Potty Pail system).

Dissolve the detergent in the water before adding the diapers and covers, to avoid getting detergent residue on your diapering supplies.

Diaper/soaker pieces may be washed while fastened together; then you can pull them apart for faster drying. A fluffy towel in the dryer will aid in moisture evaporation and speed up your drying time, as well!

Wash fleece covers (and other clothing items made from fleece!) separately or with other fleece garments. Fleece picks up lint easily and a fleece garment washed with natural fabrics will never look quite the same again. Fasten all snaps, touch tape, etc. before washing and turn the diaper cover inside out. This will reduce the amount of surface abrasion that happens during the wash cycle, and prolong the look and life of your covers. Fleece covers can be dried in the dryer, but will dry quickly -- and last longer -- if hang-dried.

Storing poly diapers separately from natural fabric diapers will aid in keeping the poly diapers from retaining quite as much odor, as well.

PUL covers should always be hang-dried, after 1 initial trip through the dryer to seal needle stitches.

Do not use fabric softener, soap or bleach (including oxygen-based bleach) on any diapering products, and avoid over-use of detergent -- this makes a diaper retain odors, and less absorbent over time. To remove any lingering odors, use ½ cup of baking soda in the wash or ½ cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle. Baking soda should not be used repeatedly with PUL, as it can wear away the water-fastness over time. Vinegar can be bad when used repeatedly for high-smell urine diapers. Borax is a good, natural and gentle choice as a stripper.


Wool covers should be hand-washed with Eucalan Wool Wash; lay flat to dry; they will need to be lanolinized prior to first use, and periodically thereafter (once every couple of months). Wool does not need to be washed after every use, only when soiled, or after several uses ~ wool has antibacterial properties, and until they 'smell' a bit, they won't need washing, just airing out between uses. Re-lanolinizing typically only needs to be repeated every few weeks or so, depending upon volume of usage.


To 'lanolinize' a wool cover: Dissolve a 'pea-size' amount of pure lanolin per cover in a cup of hot water, then add to your sink or bucket with about a 1/2 gallon of lukewarm water. Let the cover soak in this for about 15 minutes, making sure that the lanolin is well-mixed. Liquid lanolin may also be used; approximately 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon, depending upon the size of the cover.

That's not all the info you asked for, but hopefully it helps some!
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