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Harleyz pockets

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Does anyone know when they will restock again? I am actually getting some funds in paypal and would like to get a few more because they fit under her clothes SO well!

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Well, she just stocked on Monday, and I think she's been stocking roughly every 2 weeks or so.
Well in a way that is good, gives me a chance to get some paypal built up so that I can get some stuff. I love those dipes!
Me too! I snagged one of her custom dyed hemp outer/dyed ov inner dipes, I'm so excited! I could have purchased all 8 custom slots b/c for a while nobody seemed to have noticed the stocking, but I was good & bought only 1. Better for my bank account anyway. :LOL
Ya I think I want to get a couple customs next time so that I can get a couple of the colors that I want. They are simply my fave, but I could go with just white because when I want them for is when we are out and about and I have pants or shorts on Araya. Otherwise I can put her in about any of her dipes with dress's. I have 18 lavender pockets coming from a wahm that will match most of her dress's
I have another pocket on the way too. Next time I want to try one of the fitteds.
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I have some fitteds that I already had and then my 2 cuddlebuns but I generally reach for my pockets since there seems to always be so many people carrying around Araya that I don't think that they all wanna be peed on!! LOL

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