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Oh, I wish I could go! One of my daughters is in a play at the exact same time though. So I'm trying to do my part by passing the info along!

Below you will find the press release regarding Tuesdays event. Please remind people that they DO NOT have to be a nursing mother to attend. We also have a downloadable logo if anyone would like to print something up. Email me for that PDF file.

Tel:717-426-3654 Cell:
Email: [email protected]

Breastfeeding Rally To Take Place At Harrisburg International Airport

Nursing mothers and their supporters will be gathering on Tuesday,
21, 2006 at 10 AM, local time, at Delta airport counters across the

Local chapter of international organization, Birth Without Boundaries,
supports a inter nationwide call for all people concerned with
human rights to participate in Tuesday's event..

Emily Gillette was flying with her husband and 22 month-old daughter,
October 13, 2006 out of Burlington, Vermont on a Delta/Freedom Air
when a flight attendant asked her to cover up with a blanket. Ms.
declined and informed the flight attendant of her legal right to nurse
daughter. The flight attendant then told Ms. Gillette that Ms.
Gillette was
offending her and subsequently a gate agent removed the family from the
flight. Ms. Gillette and her family complied. They were rescheduled on
different flight the following day.

Ms. Gillette has filed a complaint with the Vermont Human Rights
regarding the incident. A woman's right to breastfeed wherever she is
legally allowed to be is protected in Vermont under the Public
Accommodations Act.
Although Delta has issued a public apology, the Gillette family has
not received any personal apology.

The goals of this action are:

• Insist that Delta/Freedom both apologize to the Gillette family and
offer written proof that policy and training procedures have been
• Call for all airlines to revisit their breastfeeding and transport of
pumped breastmilk policies to support traveling families.
• Call for immediate passage of pending Federal legislation that offers
civil rights protection for breastfeeding women in the workplace; and
legislation to protect, on the Federal level, a nursing mother and
right to do so whenever and wherever they are legally allowed to be.
• Introduce a new breastfeeding accessibility icon and call on American
businesses to adopt and use it. Participants will be wearing the logo
t-shirts, stickers and buttons.

The issue of breastfeeding goes far beyond just a woman's right to
nurse; it
also encompasses a basic human right for children, the right to eat and
receive comfort and nurturing at the breast.

The Nurse-Ins have been coordinated completely by volunteers.

For more information about this event, contact Tara 426-3654 or Salem

Birth Without Boundaries is an international organization that exists
eliminate restrictions imposed on birthing women and their babies. BWB
works with other organizations to form a global network to connect
and babies to supportive care.
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