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My husband and I are considering moving to Harrisburg, as we currently live in the DC Metro area and it is e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e. We are running into the very large problem of not knowing anything about Harrisburg though...maybe some of you can help?

If we move, it'll be because my husband transferred to the Harrisburg Babies R Us, so we're looking at either living in the actual city of Harrisburg or in Perry or Cumberland counties...picking these mostly by looking at a map, as my husband would like to be as close to the mountains as possible, lol. We're okay with living as much as 25-30 minutes outside of Harrisburg. We'd REALLY like to buy a house, but our price range is in the 50k-75k range at the most...we really can't afford anything more expensive. We're okay with buying a fixer-upper and/or a rowhouse. We are not okay with living in a high crime area though.

So does anyone have any suggestions on where we should look? If we decide to look in Harrisburg proper, what neighborhoods should we look at...or more likely, what neighborhoods should we avoid like the plague?

And also, does anyone have any recommendations for CNMs in the area? We're looking at a NATURAL hospital birth for our first due in November or (if by some miracle) there's a birth center somewhere near there, a birth center birth...

Thank you SO MUCH for any help you can give me!!!!!

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expecting #1 Nov '06
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