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Ian (turned 11 in July) has expressed disappointment that he didn't get his Hogwarts letter this summer (and yes, he is aware that Hogwarts doesn't exist - we all like to pretend), and I sort of jokingly said "Well Hogwarts isn't the only wizarding school around, you know...." and asked him if e wanted to do his first year of Wizarding school, even if it would mean lots of work. (We unschool, so assignments are rather foreign around here) He said YES!

So here's what I was thinking we could do:

Herbology/potions - the making & use of herbal medicines (which he does a bit of already for his allergies & asthma)

Wandcraft - learning about the mythological & symbolic properties of woods, making a wand. Maybe throw some rune lore in there somewhere.

Astronomy/Astrology - we have a good telescope, a good star guide & rotating chart, a current ephemeris, and a few different Astrology books including one for kids

History of Magic - We have The Sorcerer's Companion and The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter out of the library right now - may buy them if I think they'd be useful

And I need suggestions for Defense Aginst the Dark Arts, which I think is very important, even in the Muggle world, kwim?

I'd love to hear feedback & suggestions (please, no "I don't think this is appropriate" type posts) possible books & websites to use, that sort of thing.

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Dude, I am TOTALLY jealous of Ian right now! DatD is a tough one. Do you have any basic spiritual practices? Are you in a religion? I could really see exploring ways to ground yourself spiritually, work on self esteem issues, things like that. Kinda lame... I'll keep thinking about it. OH! Maybe a martial arts class outside the home? Aikido in particular is almost totally a defensive art.

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A meditation/grounding thing might be good. Heck, maybe we'll look into wiccan protection spells! Hey - maybe combine DAtDA with History of Magic! Learn about protection spells, hexes, stuff like that!

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I've ask my DD (12) and she gave some suggestions:

- You might want to get some survival skills in your DAtDA (what to do in case of fire, flood, tornado, if you're lost in the wood, ...)

- Another part of that course would be to look at our own wicknesses (our dark side
) like feeling of jaelousy, fears, greeds and learn how those energies are affecting one and how to deal with them.

- You could also take every magical forces or beast that are in HP and find what it could be in our world. (I'm thinking about that creature that take the forme of people's fears in particular, but there are other similarities


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What a great thread! I have my own son who is turning 11 on Saturday and he would love to get a letter from a wizarding school in the mail. I am going to have one of my friends send him a letter endorsing that he keep unschooling, saying that we need more undercover wizards in the "muggle" world. It looks like you are going to have great fun over the next few months, please share your adventures here. Thanks for some great ideals.

Take Care,

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Hmmm...For DAtDA, how about some political/social action against some of the ever-available Muggle Dark Arts. Maybe he could find an example of some Dark Arts being practiced on something that's dear to him (endangered species, civil rights, book banning, etc - whatever gets him fired up and is in line with your family's politics), and could take some action against it: writing letters to the editor or corporate CEO or country president, making up a banner, etc, as well as dreaming up wizardly cures for the same problem...This might be stretching the definition of Dark Arts too much, but might be gratifying, anyway.

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Okay, I wrote down my ideas for a 1st year overview for The Andromeda Academy for Self-Directed Sorcerers, Headmistress Professor Stellaria (yours truly) presiding.

"Classes" and areas to be explored for the year are as follows:

Wizarding Basics:
*Making a Quill
-choosing the quill
-cutting the quill
-quill calligrapy
-Robes & Cloaks for Romantics and Scholars (or Why Hogwarts Students Wore Them)
-Choosing your fabric & pattern
-Pattern layout & sewing
-Meanings of woods / choosing your wood
-Trip to Northern Michigan Hardwoods OR Tree identification hike
-Design & make your wand
-History of brooms
-How are traditional broom made?
-Can you really fly on a broom?
-Design & make your own broom
*Knitting additions to your uniform
-striped scarf
-pointed hat - knit & felt

Astronomy / Astrology:
*The Solar system
-Panetary symbols
*Finding tonight's sky on the star chart
*Planetary movements in the Ephemeris
*Telescope Basics
*Finding the constellations
*Your Star Sign
*Your Natal Chart

Herbology / Potions:
*Modern Potion-making Equipment
-pans, jars, and bottles
*Common healing herbs
-windowsill herbs
-Plan & plant an herb garden
*Tinctures and Glycerates
*ointments and Salves

Defense Against the Dark Arts:
*The Dark Arts in our world
*Where do you belong?
-parents, address, phone numbers, emergency procedures
*Stranger Awareness
*Losing your way
*Old protective magic
*The name of Jesus
*Personal protective magic

History of Magic:
*Greek Mythology
*Tribal Magic
*Arthur & Merlin
*The Doctor & the Wise Woman
*Inquisition & American Witch-hunts

*The Transformation of a room
*Dishsoap magic
*Transfiguration of dirty laundry
*Basic culinary transfiguration
*The needle arts - a complete transformation
*Modern advances in transfiguration

*Manners, or How to Be Charming

I think that'll give us PLENTY to do for the first year! I went by what Hogwarts offered or First Year, as I didn't want to get too deep into anything - No divination, or care of creatures, or anything like that. I figured this plan will touch on a lot of interesting stuff AND everyday stuff - I'm hoping to show through example that the everyday CAN be magical if you look at it in the right way.

So, if anyone has book or website suggestions specific to the topics above, I'd love to hear them!

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This is awesome! My homeschoolers--9 and 6 y.o. (plus a 3.5 y.o.) decided that this year we should"do Hogwarts Homeschool" as they called it.. We've been coming up with the same sorts of ideas but I had definitely included Care of Magical Creatures. My 9 y.o. dd is very into animals--they are all magical to her--so this is a must have for us.
I had not come up with any other ideas for Transfiguration than creating works of art and sewing and things. I particularly like the inclusion of household tasks here-both of their rooms could certainly use some transfiguring!
We also have some kids chemistry set stuff that we will be using for potions.
Don't forget to knit some elf hats and socks while you're at it!
Good luck and have fun...and keep us posted if you come up with any other ideas!
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