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Has anyone decided on names yet?

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I didn't want to hijack Bec's name thread, but I recently finalized my naming decisions and just wanted to see if anyone else had decided yet.
For a girl:
Delilah Rebecca

Delilah was my dad's suggestion and it just resonated in my heart as being the right name. Rebecca is for my late grandmother who passed on June 18th of last year.

For a boy:
Winter Alexander

Winter seems so appropriate and beautiful for a November-born babe and Alexander is my oldest brother's name. And again, this name resonated in my heart, just like my other two when I had decided on their names.

Anyone else care to share?
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Ashe, I absolutely love the name Winter. I've been kind of thinking about it myself, also because it's going to be a winter baby and because we live on Winter street (but we'll probably move before the babe is 2 years old). I haven't talked to DH about it though because I don't think he'd go for it. It would be kind of funny if we did though; our first name would definitely be Noah, so it would be Noah Winter, which is the name of the organizer of, so at least the name would reflect our political beliefs! :LOL

Delilah Rebecca is gorgeous too. Very feminine.
Visiting from the Jan. 2006 board--

We have ALREADY settled on names (we'll see if they change):

For a boy-- Michael Asa
For a girl-- Kathrin Asa (opr Katherine, Kathryn... we haven't decided on spelling yet)

Kathrin after Katherine Hepburn; Michael because I had a vision AND a dream telling me to name my son Michael; and Asa after DH's grandfather. i love the name as either a boy or girl's name (pronounced AY-suh)
We went from being settled on names to having a list of handful of each, and one that works for either. We've agreed to keep them to ourselves though.

I think I want to have a list but, I don't want to decide until I've seen the baby, and see if it feels like it fits.

Winter is lovely.

We were surprised at how much long our girls name list was then our boys name list. Alot of good names don't work well with our last name.
Well, I have decided on names, but DH hasn't agreed with me yet! He just can't even seem to focus on it. Oh well, all things in time.

(Carmen for a girl, Rafael for a boy)
That's really nice when a name just resonates with you and you *know* it's right! I am happy for those of you who feel peaceful about your choices already! I feel that way about our girls names (I have 2 choices and feel good about both) but nothing at all for boys names...I am really hoping it'll come to me one day and I'll feel sure at some point before the birth!
Haven't decided but I did have a dream that I had a girl named Eleanor and called her Nora. But in my dream some people were not happy with that choice . . Funny thing is that EVERYONE thinks we are having a boy, even the dermatoligist I saw yesterday (maybe based on some weird things going on with my skin). I also had another dream that I had a girl and everyone was suprised.

Back to names, I looked at a family tree for one branch of my family to get some ideas and although there are ~20 people listed, many many share the same names: Marie or forms such as Marie Magdelen, forms of Katerina and Elisabeth, and tons of Johanns. Funny there was such a smal pool of names in some cultures, I guess . .

I love all the names people have mentioned so far.
If its a girl, Ellandra Llewellyn - Ellie for short. Llewellyn is my mom's name, but she spells it Louellen. My middle name is Katie, named for my grandmother Katy. So, I figure I'm continuing the tradition of giving my daughter my mom's name as a middle name and spelling it differently! DH just made up the name Ellandra because it sounds pretty with Llewellyn.

If its a boy, Isaac Amit - Zac for short. (Zac is a phonetic nickname, obviously.) A very dear friend name Amit introduced DH and I, so the name is in honor of him.

We have several names picked out, because we want to have 5 children. We picked our DS's name several years ago, and we picked most of the other names a long time ago, too. For boys: Vincent Connery (Vince for short) and Birnam William. For girls: Genevieve Elizabeth (Genny for short) and Madeline (Dillie for short, still working on a middle name for this one, actually).

Originally Posted by Queen of Cups
A very dear friend name Amit introduced DH and I, so the name is in honor of him.
That is really cool!
Queen of Cups, you sould like me where every name has to have a nickname. Cool!

And I also plan to have an "Elly" if she is a girl- Noelle Elisabeth(?)
Ellandra is positively *beautiful*!
I agree about Ellandra. I have this obsession with Ell...names. I also LOVE Ellerie. But DH vetos all "unusual" names. The fact that we agree on Noelle is a shock.
im pretty sure if this baby is a girl her name will be Ngaio (Ny-o) middle names im not so sure of.. i have lots i like.. Ariannwyn, juniper, stella ect ect..
as for a boy.. i dont know.. im thinking either finnley or finnagin (finn for short) or tucker.. but i dont know really.. im pretty sure im having a girl :LOL
My brother's name is Tucker.
I love the Finn names too. What do you call Elwynn for short, by the way (sorry if I spelled that wrong, I can't see your sig while I'm replying)?

Well DH and I were talking about names again this morning, and he confessed he doesn't really like James (which was our pick for a middle name) so now we're kind of back to square one on that issue!! We are solid on our girl name (Brynn Amelia) but I don't think we're going to get to use it this time around!
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tucker is my gramas maiden name and i think its such an elfin name. i love it. its one of elwynn's many middle names as well..

i dont really call elwynn anything for short.. i mean, i dont shorten his name, he has lots of silly nicknames though...
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We have had our boy name since Molly was two weeks old : Liam Charles, and I am very settled on the girl name : Grace Faylen, but dh is not sold on the Faylen part yet, since this one was supposed to be named after his grandma, not my great-grandma
But, really, Grace Agnes doesn't exactly roll off the tongue! I hopefully will find out next Friday (the 17th)which it is, so it might be a mute point before we ever agree. I can't wait!!!
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Hannah XXXX for a girl (my husband gets to pick the girl name)

Liam Caidon for a boy (I get to pick the boy name)
Meagen, I really like Faylen. Much better than Agnes!! My paternal grandmother's name was Ona Gertrude, so yeah, not going to be naming any kids after her! :LOL

We're still trying to figure out our boy middle name. I'm currently lobbying for Calhoun (looooong story behind that one) but I'm not sure DH will buy it. We've been calling the baby Mr. Calhoun for a long time, so shoot, why not make it official?
GIRLS: Ida, Raisa, Lilia, Cristiana [But DH does not like any of them.]

BOYS: ???? I just have no insight. I can't think of anything. I'm tempted to have an ultrasound just in the hope of not having to come up with a boys name.
our little girl will be named Gabriella Frances. Gabi because that was a name we could both agree on, and Frances is my dhs grandmas name who died last year. She lived until she was 99, so she was pretty tough
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