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Has anyone done HB diapers with PUL?

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I was wondering how would PUL work with HB pattern? Anyone made those before?
HB seems to be really wide betweent the legs unlike most other diapers I've seen. I don't have a baby to try it on yet, so I have to keep asking here what others like and don't like.
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That is the pattern I use. It takes a long time to make them, but I love the fit and the tabs. I use it for PUL/fleece pockets.

Yes, it is wide through the legs and I think you could narrow it. I would if I was making fitteds or AIOs. The width actually works really well for pockets b/c those microfiber inserts are so wide.

If you were doing PUL AIOs, though, I think you might want to make the PUL roll in or you may get wicking. Then again, you might not get wicking if you line with microfleece. For pockets with fleece inners, the leg edges do not roll in or out and there are no problems with wicking.
I use PUL for HB AIO's all the time. I make sure the PUL rolls in at the legs and they do pretty well. I don't rely on them for long naps or car trips though. I prefer fitteds with separate covers for that! Sometimes they surprise me and we have no leaks even with ds being in one for 3 hours though (if I forget to change him).
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