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Has anyone else had bedtime challenges w/daylight savings?

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My 10-month-old DS has consistently gone to bed around 7PM for awhile, but since the daylight savings change it's been difficult to get him to sleep. He's definitely tired at the end of the day, and I can still manage to get him down by about 7:15, but he's been waking up after 30-45 minutes wanting to play, then stays up until 9:30/10PM. I have a feeling he thinks it's a nap instead of bedtime b/c his internal clock is set an hour later...anyone else have a similar problem and could provide advice as to how to 're-set' his internal clock? I am a WOHM and still need to get him up at the same time in the AM to get him ready for daycare, so it's not a matter of just putting him to bed later and waking up later.

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Heck, yeah. The time change has undone a month's worth of work for me.
It's been absolutely horrible at our house. No advice. Just sympathy. My ds (2yo) has had a hard time falling asleep at bedtime and has been waking up a few hours later as well. Then when morning comes, he wants to sleep late, but like you, DH & I both WOTH and we need to get up and going. It hasn't seemed to bother DD as much (8 months) - although she's suddenly decided that 2 am is playtime.
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