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Has anyone ever heard of using the oral progesterone pill vaginally?

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I'm 4w6d pregnant and I'm getting ready to start taking prometrium pills for very low progesterone (praying this baby is a sticky). I've heard of taking the oral pills vaginally so they bypass the liver and get absorbed better...has anyone done this sucessfully in pregnancy before?

Thanks in advance!
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I have taken the suppository progesterone. It is a compounded form of progesterone that is made specifically by the pharmacist. My naturopath highly recommended it for the reasons you mentioned. It is a "natural" form of progesterone so I think it may be slightly different than the prometrium but honestly I am not 100% sure.

I took it with my ds pregnancy and still bled more than I would have liked through the first trimester. But he is here an healthy now! Oh, and I took it up to about 16 weeks pregnant.

I also was taking it with my last pregnancy and although it keep the bleeding at bay, the baby stopped developing early and I had to stop the progesteone to let nature take it's course.

If you are taking it, get hcg levels checked regularly. That way if the embryo stops growing you will know you need to stop taking the progesterone. Otherwise you can make things linger on longer than they naturally should. I know that it may be a hard thing to think about, but...
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I'm not pregnant yet, but I am taking Prometrium pills vaginally to help with my luteal phase. My dr. says they work well vaginally. I don't have a problem with them. It's supposed to be cheaper to take the oral pills vaginally than to have compounded suppositories made.
I have no experience with them personnally, but I know a lot of surrogates take them vaginally before a transfer and several weeks following a transfer.

Good luck with your pregnancy! Sending
vibes your way!!
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Good to know...thanks mamas
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