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Has anyone felt totally back to normal and then it came back again while on meds?

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i had my son 6 weeks ago and started lexapro 10 mgs 3 weeks ago. For 2 weeks i was only taking 1/4 and 1/2 of the pill due to side effects and i barely started taking the whole 10 mg about a week ago. Anyway this whole past week i felt great like back to normal! but then yesterday I started to feel bad again, is the medicine just adjusting....? i read in a book that part of recovery is like being on an emotional rollercoaster but has this happened to anyone else and when will this be gone for good?!
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It is hard to say whether you are adjusting to meds with only a note of one day feeling 'bad'. What do you mean by Bad? In a few days worth i would note your feelings and symptoms and keep track. Your therapist and you can best decide and really it's always trial and error when it comes to this.
I dont have personal experience with Lexapro but the meds i have been on take a good month to settle or for me to setttle into.
well i've been feeling bad since monday night and today is friday!! I was so happy kuz i thought i was over this whole thing. Yesterday got really bad i couldn't stop crying, i feel like i can't care for my baby right again, but when i felt great it was a peice of cake compared to how i had been feeling.
I was very up and down while I had ppd; even on my meds. Eventually though, the emotional rollercoaster wasn't so bumpy, and now I'm fine.
. It will get better. Just don't forget that!.
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I had a similar experience when I began Lexapro. I went slowly up to 10 mg and then really started feeling better. Then it seemed like all of a sudden I felt depressed again. I talked to my prescriber about it and she suggested we increase again. I have been at 20 mg for the past few months and feel like myself again. It's so amazing. I was afraid the meds would make me feel weird, but I just feel normal again.

Good luck. Well wishes to you.
My depression comes and goes. Sometimes, I feel great for weeks and then BAM it hits me like a ton of bricks and it's all I can do to get myself up in the morning. I pull away from friends, family, etc. I don't talk to anyone other than my DH. I turn off the PC and just hide.

It's sometimes just life, it's sometimes getting the medication dosage right.

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