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Has anyone heard from vwmama?

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I have been trying to keep an eye out, but I haven't heard anything about how her birth ended up. I know she was concerned because they thought her baby would be large and wanted to induce. She went into labor the day before she was scheduled for induction, does anyone know how it turned out?
I'm hoping it all went smoothly for her!
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I've been wondering about her too..... I hope everything went well and she is enjoying her babymoon!!!
Aww, thanks for the thoughts... I'm here and so is our "little bundle"...

Liam Matthew, born 9/16/03 at 10lbs 13oz, 22"long, 15"head and 14 1/2"chest

All is well, I had a c-birth after hours of "not progressing". He was posterior and didn't desend into the birth canal. I am still trying to figure out if there was anything else I could have done to help him out!! I didn't expect to have a c-section so I am still pondering over the situation. So many times I heard "your body won't make a baby you can't birth..."

Anyhow we are happy to have him and happy he is healthy.
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every c/birth mama goes through the same thoughts....same reason I had a c/b with ds...posterior and wouldn't drop...but he was only 7lb 12 oz with the smallest head in the world!

I'm sure you did what you could....

congrats on your big boy!!
congrats! liam is one of the names we're considering if we have a boy. its a wonderful name! again, congrats!
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Originally posted by vwmama
So many times I heard "your body won't make a baby you can't birth..."
Well, with all the sites I've read about fetal positioning, it does seem like posterior positioned babies are more likely to be born by c-section than anterior positioned ones because the delivery is more difficult. Maybe it's true that your body won't make a baby you can't birth, but that doesn't mean any woman can always birth vaginally without complications to herself and her baby. And, doggone, a 15" head is huge!

Congratulations on your sweet little baby!
Oh, thanks so much for letting us know how you're doing! I was wondering about you too!!

I'm so glad that you had a healthy baby! But it is frustrating that it wasn't the birth you wanted. And you are going through all the "what-if's".

But *you* know that you did everything you felt was right, let your body do it's thing, and in the end, have a healthy baby. You can only control so much of the birth experience.

I hope your recovery has been going well and that you're feeling great. And if you're not, I hope you are soon!!!

Take care of yourself!!
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