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I've been trying to research water for ages... so difficult.

Has anyone heard of 'wellness water..?" I saw it advertised here on MDC, it seems altogether unique..

Here's a bit of a summary from the website:" The Wellness Filter® not only removes harmful contaminants but it also enhances the water through a patented process that creates a quality of water beyond the reach of conventional water filters.."

So, it supposedly energizes the water the same way ionizers do, without the electricity. Suppsedly, this increases absorption, minerals are also added with several layers of activated stones. So, it seems to do more that just filter, though it filters 99% of most harmful contaminants.

The pricetag really hurts though... $595.00, plus $130.00 for the undersink attachment. But, I can't find anything else that does what it does. They also have a carafe, which seems like it might be a ( much better than Britta ) alternative. I called a rep. and he didn't adequately convince me that the $650.00 system was any better than the $50.00 one? I would love ANY of your opinions!! Water is so important, but so little unbiased information is out there. Advertisement oriented search engines don't help matters!
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