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My sister was recently diagnosed with this. HSe is 23 and has also been put on Depakote(sp?) , and anti-depressant and diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder as well.

A few weeks ago she was also told she has ( o my goodness, just forgot the name of the disorder/problem...YIKES!!) She has an extra rib which pushes onto nerves and blood vessels in her body and somehow causes her to feel faint and etc.

Thorasic outlet syndrome..TA Da..knew I could think of it.

She just got married two years ago, and she wants to have a baby in a year or two, but now she doesn't know if she can or should considering all the things she has been told are wrong with her.

I do not know what to tell her. I have looked these things up online but the answers are just really not there, and her Drs. are not the best at filling in the details..just..well, not the best I thik.But what she has to deal with because thats what there is in her little neck of the woods.

Thanks in advance..
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