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Has anyone induced lactation for a toddler?

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HI mamas....I think I've posted a question like this before but it's been a while. We just finalized my son's adoption (he's two) and he has some special needs. He has neuro-behavioral problems due to a lot of in utero abuse

Anyway....I didnt bf him as a baby because he was a foster baby and we werent allowed to so now I am thinking this might be a good thing for him? I was thinking of renting a hospital grade pump and starting some herbs. Has anyone else done this? I would give it to him in a cup unless he wanted to nurse to sleep.....but since he's never done it, he may not "get it"......

I guess i'm just looking for support and encouragement that what i'm doing isnt weird......I'm gonna catch heck from most of my mainstream friends and family
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I have absolutely not experience in this area, but I just wanted to chime in with support. I think that's a fantastic idea. I've heard that it can be done, and I would absolutely try it myself if I were in your shoes. As you said, I can imagine that nursing from the breast starting from such an advanced age could be difficult, but even if it is, he'll benefit from drinking breastmilk from a cup.

Congratulations on the adoption, and good luck!
You know I'm here for you!
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I'd be supportive of that!! ANY amount of breastmilk is wonderful for babies and toddlers! Even if he doesn't learn to nurse, you can put it in a cup for him. Let us know!!
It's not weird it totally rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Newman has two different protocols for induced lactation detailed in his book, and I presume, on his new FANTABULOUS website, I presume you know his work but just in case you haven't seen his website wanted to respond. Also - I have emailed him with questions and he's responded. In detail, within 24 hours. I don't think he sleeps.
I just mention this because his induced lactation protocols seem to be The Thing these days...

Congrats on your adoption and your little guy is so lucky! Your post brought tears to my eyes. Wow, so amazing!
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I agree, your little guy is sooooo lucky to have you!

I had to stop BF'ing my little guy due to a medication issue that I had to be on, and once I finally was able to be off the meds, I looked into relacating. Unfortunately I was living in a very remote area and had no way of getting a pump, but I did talk to a LC who said for me the fastest way to get my milk flowing was to take Motilium/Domperidone and just try and get him to nurse nurse nurse as much as I could. By that time he was almost a year old and had no interest in nursing, so it didn't work. But now you've got me thinking since I am back in the city and able to get a pump and motilium, I might just start trying to relactate again just to give him and DD the BM in a sippy cup! (this is why I love MDC, every time I come on here I am inspired with ideas to be a better mom

Anyways, I wasn't here at all to post about how relacating didn't work for me (it would have had I been given access to a pump), but wanted to let you know what the LC said to me about Motilium/Domperidone as the fastest way to get your milk supply up and running. I know you can't get it in the states, but I have seen other posts about MDC mamma's getting it from Canada via the mail.

HTH and all the best of luck to you, I'm sure you'll be relactating in no time!
Keep us posted if you can!
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I don''t have any experience in this, but way to go. I am still nursing a 17month old twin and pumping again for her twin brother who is not gaining weight well. I am getting him to drink the ebm from his cup as he never nursed well and hasn't been to breast since he was 6months old. I believe in the amazing properties of bm!!!Go Mama!
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