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Has anyone here made their own sprayer out of a kitchen sink sprayer? I want to do this but not sure what fittings to get. I used my friend's sprayer today and about went crazy... I've been CDing for over a year and still don't have one! Or, if you happen to have a link to a page that lists the right parts, that would be great!


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Directions on how to make a diaper sprayer

Supplies needed- you can get them at any hardware store-he bought them at Lowes.
3/8"x3/8"x3/8" tee
barb splicer
sink sprayer
hose clamps 2
toilet supply line

1. Shut off water at the valve behind the toilet
2. Remove supply line to toilet from the valve
3. Install 3/8"x3/8"x3/8" tee to valve (One end should be horizontal- the other two are up and down)
4. Take the removed supply line and install it to the tee-the top of the tee
5. Cut off large end of new toilet supply line
6. Insert the barb splicer (this will connect the toilet supply line and the sprayer)
7. Put hose clamp on the new toilet supply line
8. Cut off very end of the sink sprayer
9. Install on the other end of the barb splicer
10. Add all of this to the other end of the 3/8"x3/8"x3/8" tee-which is horizontal
11. You are finished. You can buy a hook to hang the sprayer on the wall. Thumbs Up!

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