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(For the longest time, I wasn't even sure what to call it. Our friends all coslept using what they called a "baby in-box" - literally every role model we have for cosleeping used one of these sleep nests, right between their pillows, for a newborn.)

So a sleep nest seems like the best option for us for the newborn, too, since we won't be side-car-ing and I am too much of a fluffy blanket hog to have the baby in the crook of my arm (well, yet. I'm sure I'll change as I realize that easier nursing is more important than having comforters up to my chin).

Anyway, since there are only, like, two brands of sleep nests in all the land, and neither or them are remotely organic or free of synthetics and chemicals, I want to know if I can somehow make my own.

This is what the Basic Comfort Little Snuggler sleep nest is made out of:
-Main unit cover is 65% polyester and 35% cotton
-Main unit filler is 100% polyurethane foam
-Mat cover is 100% vinyl
-Mat filler is 100% polyurethane foam
-Sheet top is 100% polyester tricot
-Sheet bottom is 80% polyester and 20% cotton


I'm thinking I could somehow rig my own, using a wool puddle pad as the base and some org cotton sheets or blankets to cover it, but I'm not sure what to use as the formed sides. Any suggestions? Am I out of my mind? Google or MDC searches have revealed nothing.

I guess it's either this or a bed rail. You know, a bed rail that's also made of vinyl.


p.s., my first non-DDC post! hi!

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14,038 Posts well do you sew?

One option would be to make a rectangular base and three "bolster style pillows" (or even just rolls of fabric) that would form the three walls of the nest. Attach the bolster pillows to the base and then slide the whole thing into a changable cover (that will smooth out the edges and prevent your little one from smooshing their face into the "crease" at the bottom of the bolster, plus you can make a bunch and change them for laundering).

I'm not sure that description makes sense, but I hope it helps.
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