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Has anyone NOT organized......

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the baby's things?

Crib, clothes, baby accessories, bottles, etc? Am I the only one?
I feel so totally laid back with this one that I have been a total slug about getting things officially "ready." Could be that I have 2 dd's and I have a lot of the stuff (somewhere). I also know that I don't need a lot of it, including a crib, for at least the first six months. Planning on bf and co-sleep, which cuts down on all the extra bottles and stuff that goes with all of that. I also received a bunch of hand-me-downs from my friend (boy clothes) so I don't even feel excited about boy clothes just aren't as cute, IMO, as the cute stuff I had for the girls.

I figure we'll toss together the co-sleeper so I can lay the baby down sometimes, I got my sling and, if all goes well, I have the powerful boob ready....Now, I'm just kind of waiting for the baby.......

Anyone else this disorganized!?
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I'm totally disorganized right now, but it's stressing me out! We live in a tiny apartment and I don't have room to be disorganized! I'm looking for bins of the "perfect" dimensions to help organize our changing table and hold the hand-me-downs we've received so far. I barely have room for what I've been given, and I have two showers to go! Yikes! I hope I get a HUGE rush of energy in my 9th month so I can get it all done. This month is busy with work and Christmas!

By the way, I think that some little boy's stuff is cute too. Little overalls and a tiny baseball cap are so adorable!
I'm about 18 weeks and don't have a single thing. I have only started thinking about it but that only stresses me out LOL.

The only real concern I have (after the baby's health LOL) is I get an infant one or use a convertible w/a sling for when we are out?

This is my 3rd, and my others are bigger so I have zero baby items. I'm not getting a crib right away either. The baby will cosleep for at least the first 8 months (DH will be deployed) but I do want a sidecar type sleeper for naps.

Clothes...I live in HI...really only need onesies and a few blankets LOL.

Boobs...have those, worked great w/other kids so hopefully no problems there. With DH being gone, I don't have any use really for bottles. It will just be me and the babe LOL.

Stroller...I might get one, a lightweight type one for zoo trips,etc since we'll be there all day and carrying the baby and a backpack isn't my type of fun. I am thinking of getting a macclaren or something similiar.

Otherwise...I'll just get it in time. There is so much baby stuff out there but really they don't need much, KWIM?
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I'm almost 31 weeks and have barely anything for the baby. The closest to organizing was put all the baby clothes and few diapers we have in a big cardboard box so I'll know where they are.
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i'm totally disorganized, but i have a long time to get ready still. and a lot of stuff that'll be needed before the time comes. my big thing is that we live in a 2 bedroom, ad we've gotta get the other 2 kids into their room, so that me n dh's rom can be made ready for baby....

problem is dh works 2 jobs- one of which is 24 hour shifts, and he is the one that has to get the other room ready for the 2 kids still- he won't let me go in there because of my asthma. (there is still mold that needs killed/removed on one of the walls under the window.... it is all closed off, and he's forbidden me to go in there.
I don't really plan on doing anything until 34 weeks or later...mostly because we have the stuff somewhere in our apartment, the baby doesn't need much, and really all I need to do is wash some clothes and diapers. And I figure before 34 weeks (maybe even after) the baby's not coming home right away, so I don't need to get anything done. Very very lazy this time, but I've mostly just realized how little babies need. I don't have the room to have anything I don't need sitting out in our way. Plus, this pregnancy has been very rocky so far so I'm not convinced that we'll be bringing home a healthy baby at term. I'm hopeful though!
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