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Has anyone ordered from Michelle at the knitty kitty?

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I'm just wondering...I don't want this to turn into a cust service issue. It's been about 8 or 9 weeks now and the completion time was supposed to be just a couple weeks. I think that's pretty quick so obviously I gave it about a month before even asking. She emailed me back once after about 6 weeks but I'v tried to get ahold of her but heard nothing.

Just wondering if anyone knows her? She seems suoer sweet so I doubt it's an ignoring me issue.
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I had a custom with her. I know that she works out of the home, and she doesn't get a lot of computer time. You can try contacting Beth of the Knitty Kitty and ask her to pass a message along to Michelle. They're both really very sweet.
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i know she moved not too long ago... dont remember exactly when tho
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I have had a custom with her. She finished it awhile ago but then it disappeared or got lost in the mail or something. So she is making me another which I thought was really sweet.

She doesn't return emails as fast as Beth does. Try emailing Beth, I think she is on the computer a bit more.
hmmm, thanks! I'll try her again in a few days
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