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Has anyone purchased an in-stock EBMT?

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I paid for one last week and it's supposed to be in-stock, ready for next day shipment.

Well, I haven't received it yet (nor have I received a shipping notice). I sent Stacee an email inquiring about my status yesterday morning but I haven't heard back from her. The times I sent her emails about purchasing an EBMT, I got pretty prompt responses so this is pretty disappointing.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this.

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Not me, but a friend bought one 2 weeks ago and received it last week - and we're in Canada so I was impressed with the speed!
I emailed her about her instock ones days ago, and I never heard back.
Oh, well, I guess I'll wait for my Kozy slot! But her instock ones sure are pretty!
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I haven't tried to purchase an in stock EBMT but I had one that I sent back and have emailed her wondering when I will receive it back and have heard nothing from her. It's been about a week since she received the other (I know because of delivery confirmation). I guess we can all wait to hear from her together.
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