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has anyone switched private schools

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Has anyone switched from one private school to another? Did you explain your reasons for leaving to the staff or did you just politely excuse yourself?

I am seriously considering switching schools for my children but don't know what I'll say to the staff.
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Hmmm... I work at a private school and I'm a mom. Here are my thoughts:

1) If all your children have attended this school and you have a history with them but something has changed then I think you should tell them.

2) If what has changed is THEM (i.e. changing in ways you don't like) they should want to know just for their own purposes (especially if it's staff or something that may be missed by the higher-ups). And speaking up earlier may make changes occur that allow you to stay there.

3) If what has changed is YOU then they probably still would want to know (i.e. if it's money then maybe they can help you more, if it's logistical it could help them determine how they can make it easier for others, if it's staff or personality issues they should have that to document for their HR purposes).

4) No matter what the school administration must have a sense that there are issues with your re-enrollment. This is "contract for next year" time, and if you aren't returning them then someone is probably wondering why.

Is there a reason you don't feel comfortable telling them? Other than the fact that it's hard to "end" any relationship (friendship, business, love, or schooling!). What are they really going to do?

I know that at my school our founder sometimes feels hurt when families leave, and to some extent takes it "personally," but I can't imagine her being hateful to anyone.

Most teachers have seen this happen many times and are professional enough to not even have it be an issue (a truly good teacher will help your child with the transition to another school just because it's the right thing to do FOR THE CHILD, forget about adult feelings or politics!).

Lots of questions and not much advice, but it's hard to know what to say without a little more info. You seem sad somehow, and I wish for you that this change goes well.
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We went from a parochial school to a montessori school... it was a little awkward, but I went with the old stand-by of saying that I really liked a lot of things about the school, but it just "wasn't a good fit" for us in the end. I did mention one thing that I thought needed attention (the afterschool caregiver was downright mean to the children). Incidentally, I was fully prepared to pay for the remainder of the school year, but they didn't ask me to. I wonder if they knew it wasn't a "good fit" also.
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