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Has anyone tried Chloe's Toes?

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I've been watching these for a bit. I've given up finding time to sew my own dipes from my massive fabric stash and I love trim pocket dipes!
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They look to be very well made. My only concern would be the FOE. My older (now no longer CD's) kids always wic-ked with foe bound dipes. But she has some discounted at great prices so at least trying them wouldn't kill the pp acct
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Yeah, that's my thought (about they are cheap enough to give a try). I actually talked to her some on a yahoo group for sewing dipes back when I had TIME to do that
but it was before she was selling them. She's always so nice about answering questions on that group. I think I'm gonna order one and give them a try. It's such an innovative design.
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She's also got a nice tutorial for FOE on her website. It's worth checking out on it's own.
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