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Has anyone tried this?

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My baby (6 month old 21 pounds) is a super heavy wetter he floods the diaper when he pees. He is even leaking through Fuzzi Bunz which I only had happen with my toddler when I understuffed once during naptime. When the baby leaks it is like wicking around the leg holes (maybe they aren't tight enough?) I was wondering if anyone has used a pocket or an AIO under a wool soaker or wool shorts? Would that be too hot? Anyone tried that?
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I've done it a few times, mostly when I am out and about. Buys you a little more time if you have leaks but I found at night it didn't stop a wide spread leak from not enough stuffing in my FB.
sometimes we'll do that at night, especially if he's been pounding water before going to bed and it works pretty good. in fact, all winter we put ds in fleece pjs for bed because it'll keep things dry if he overpees the diaper. Now that it's too warm for fleece, sometimes i'll stick him in a soaker for overnight.

My DD has begun leaking through FBs at night too--wicking at the leg just like you describe. After trying 3 sizes and various combinations of inserts without much improvement I gave up and started putting a soaker on over the FB for bed. It is working fabulous, no more wet bed and the soaker does not even feel damp in the morning!
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I use a Bridget's wool soaker over my sons AIO at night. He thinks the shorts are his pj bottoms anyways and it gives extra protection if there is any wicking.
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