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Has anyone tried to simplify clothes to a "uniform"?

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I don't know if I'm alone in this, but I'd really like to spend some money to get a bunch of pairs of pants made, exactly the same (organic cotton or wool, same cut in a flattering style). And then clear out my closet except for tops--or maybe have a uniform or small set of top options too. I just want it SIMPLE--I do enjoy some jewelry and accessories, but the basics don't change: what looks good on me, what cuts are best, and my increasing desire for natural breathable fabrics. Has anyone done this? Just cleared things out and gone kind of military style?
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I have tended to default to it. I've never quite gotten over my childhood sensory issues with clothes. (Y'know how many four year old can't stand tight waists or loose sock-seams? That's *still* me.) It depends on what I'm doing lifestyle-wise--last summer, I ended up with two very similar bottoms--usually jeans, cut similarly, a couple t-shirts--Old Navy men's v-neck short-sleeve--, and three button-downs--also old navy, the men's ones in the more feminine patterns. I wore these every day. White keds or brown loafers, with or without white cotton socks depending on the occasion for out of the house, barefoot or mocassins at home.

When I'm working I'll get two coordinating pairs of pants and get three sweater in similar styles that match both.

I've had people comment on how I always wear the same things--including some really snide comments. That has bothered me a bit, but I don't think it should, so I try to ignore it.

I'm pg at the moment and always wear either a white tee or tank and a blue hooded sweater with my maternity jeans. I have three other tops that fit ok and other sweater but very rareyl wear them--mostly when I need to stay cooler.

I'm hoping this summer to transition into a more feminine style, but to stay very simple. A couple button downs with nursing tanks under but with long flowy skirts. I'll have to work a bit and probably do some sewing to make it work, but I know that I'll whatever outfit I settle on I will wear every day. I'm never quite comfortable if I'm wearing something different that I'mnot used to wearing.
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Originally Posted by tie-dyed
I have tended to default to it. I've never quite gotten over my childhood sensory issues with clothes. (Y'know how many four year old can't stand tight waists or loose sock-seams? That's *still* me.)
I was talking to a lady about a month ago who ended up showing me her socks, they were all crammed into her shoes with no attempt to put the heels on her heels or toes at her toes like she had just wrapped random bits of cloth round her feet and they were bunched and wrinkly under the foot, and your post just reminded me of that and my skin is still crawling from the thought.

Ahem... anyway, I've thought about creating a "uniform." I really like the loose pants and tunic look. But then, I also like having a waist line and with my figure I really need my clothes to give that to me.
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I did this when I was pg and working. A bunch of pants in the same style, just different colors, plus a variety of tops. It rocked!

Now that I'm home, I pretty much always wear jeans and a top to fit the weather/occasion. Obviously I still have some dresses and such for when I need them, but that is rare. I also threw out all the different socks and bought a bunch in the same style. Same with undies. This saves time on laundry day and is just plain easier when I get dressed in the morning.

So I say go for it. If you have couple favorite outfits outside your "uniform", save them, but the rest is probably just fluff.

It also occurs to me that many, if not most, of the men I know dress this way.
Google the words "wardrobe capsule" or something like that, you will get a lot of ideas from fashionistas who suggest doing something like this.
My wardrobe is kind of what you're talking about. I got rid of all the unmatching things I owned and at Christmas-time shopped the sales for a handful each of: long-sleeved cotton turtleneck pullovers, t-shirts but the juniors ones that are tight fitting and long, sleeveless undershirts. Each group is the same "make and model" but in different colors. They are the layers I reach for every morning - how many layers depends on the weather. If I want I can top an undershirt with a rayon blouse. And I always wear jeans although they are various colors. But I like layers because in Arizona, it might be 95 out, but as soon as you go indoors, the AC is usually frigid! My closet only has about 7 blouses in sleeveless and short sleeve and some jeans. And my drawers have the pullovers. Very simple for me.
mamas, this is very helpful! keep those thoughts coming!
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I tend to wear the same things. To work it is usually black or grey trousers (summer-sometimes khaki), black tank top with white or cream blouse & sometimes a blazer. I have a small selection of variety. It makes getting dressed for work so much easier.
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