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Has anyone used a baby hammock?

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I am thinking about getting a koala or bambi baby hammock for my babe which is due in September. I know I will be carrying the baby a lot of the time, and it will sleep in our bed at night, but I will need a place to put it sometimes during the day.
I really like the looks and the idea of the hammock, but I don't know anyone that has actually used one.
So, any opinions on it?
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We have an amby. Dd hated it. Ds likes it. His order of sleeping preferences is, on me, in the swing, in the hammock or in his bed. Some times he'll sleep in there for a couple hours or even all night, sometmes he only lasts a few minutes.
We have one too and rarely use it. I'm lazy though and prefer co-sleeping. If I didn't want to co-sleep though, it would be great and she has slept some in it as did Evan.
I have an amby and we use in the living room for dd to play with hanging toys in...out of the way of the dogs and the other great for that...we cosleep at night though.
Yes, it would definitely just be for daytime use, as we co-sleep.
Well, a very good friend of mine got it, her DS did ok with it as a new newborn, but then didn't like it anymore once he reached a month or two I think.
She passed it on to me and I tried using it, but my DS didn't like it was because it caused his chin to go down on his chest and he didn't have a very clear airway.

It was an off brand (not Amby or Happy Hangup), and I can't remember what it's called atm, but perhaps that had something to do with it. It was still made in EU though.

Sorry, fussy babe tonight..
We used the Amby with dd until she was 7 or 8 months old. At that point, she didn't like it very much because she liked spreading out and sleeping.

So we attached a co-sleeper to our bed and although most of the time she is in our bed, it's nice to have a place to put her when she's fast asleep.

She did great with the Amby, and since we used it from birth, she really didn't have much of an issue with spitting up, gas, colic, etc.
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