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has anyone used an overlock FOOT?

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I have a sewing machine that came with an overlock exactly do i use it? I know i need to sew with the seam allowance on the left, correct? do i machine baste first, then overlock? if someone could spell it out for me i'd be forever grateful!
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My machine (a Kenmore) has an overlock foot. It also has an overlock stitch. The foot helps keep the edge of the fabric lined up where it's supposed to be; basically it's like a really fancy zig-zag right at the edge (so there's not really a "seam allowance"). I've used mine to make diaper doublers and it worked okay. Not as good as a serger, but better than a regular zig-zag.
Just wanted to add that it works better for me to stitch everything together first, before overlocking.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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