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Add me to the list (that nobody really likes to be on)

For me though, it wasn't my intact son, born nearly 16 years ago that made me feel different. It was me getting the internet and seeing intact penises in pictures, not to mention a few intact men in adult videos.

It seems once I saw (almost) firsthand the actual "function" of an intact penis, my dh never seemed the same. I see the complications from his newborn circumcision that I was previously oblivious to...I once used to enjoy looking at that part of his body, now all I see is what is lacking.

My husband can also be a very angry person who has issues with women. Not for a too happy relationship at times. Sometimes I wonder if it has anything to do with the violence he endured in 1960 when he was born.

It makes me so sad that somebody did this to his little perfect body...

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