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When dd was born I took 'Baby Signs' out of the lib but never really did anything with it----then a couple months ago dd started to sign when she wanted to eat solid food by pointing her index finger at her palm ( which I think is actually the sign for 'more') she kinda says "mmmmuumm" while she is doing it. She points at her boobs when she wants to breastfeed and says "BOOOOOB" and last night she wanted her toothbrush while she was in the tub and showed me by using her index finger like a toothbrush in front of her mouth. Its pretty cool.

I forgot that when she wants to take a bath she rubs one arm with her other hand---she got that from a book we have that has a line in it "they take a bath in one big tub with soap all over scrub scrub scrub"

Theres probably more this thread is making me think I really need to write them down so I can remember when she is older.

edited to add about the bath
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