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Sozobe, thanks for saying this about ASL! We have a few home-signs at our house from the days before I got busy and learned the ASL words I wanted to teach and use, but we use mostly ASL words.

I think another benefit of using ASL is that we are not just transmitting the skills of learning another language or the concept of alternative communication, but teaching our children a language that is useful in the outside world. I am hoping that when Meg meets my cousin's family (all fluent signers) later this summer, she will be able to sign with them a little, and that when she meets signing people later in her life, she may be able to communicate a bit with them. Wouldn't that be wonderful? She will never be fluent under my tutelage
: but any little step toward better communication in this world is a good step!

Today at dinner she said, "I want a pet, but not an ordinary pet... I want a cat with beautiful long white fur."
:LOL Your daughter is certainly not an ordinary daughter, either.

Kam, mama to Meg
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