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hat on cover of latest issue

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Anyone have the pattern for the sweet bonnet on the cover of the latest Mothering issue? Or something similar? I'm in love!
Please, please, please!
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It is (MDC's own) Little Turtle Knits Pilot Cap!

Here is an earlier thread about it.

Here is the non-Rav linky, if you aren't on Ravelry. (But if not, join!!)
Search for it on Ravelry! It's the Pilot's Cap by Little Turtle Knits. The pattern costs $8, I think. You can buy the pattern from their website:

SAHM to 2 nurslings
Thank you!!!
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I was wondering the same thing! It's really an adorable hat!
That's a great pattern- cleverly constructed. I had fun knitting it for my little guy. I have a friend who is pregnant and I am excited to knit a couple for her baby.
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